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Published 25 June, 2019
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China Lighting Research Heats Up

from Ralf Schäfer, Driving Vision News

There's been a lot of activity in China about car lights lately! On 25–26 June was IFAL, the International Forum on Automotive Lighting—in many ways, it's China's version of ISAL or VISION. Then on On 27–28 June, the first International Executive Summit on Automotive Lighting Innovation Technology and Standardisation took place in Shanghai, in conjunction with the fifth Sino-Europe Conference on Automotive Lighting Regulations and Standards. The goal was to strengthen communication between Chinese industry and standardisation bodies and the international vehicle lighting community.

About 50 participants attended the event for the full docket of presentations and panel discussions. Presenters and participants included Chinese and international car- and setmakers, as well as Chinese and international standardisation representatives and DVN-affiliated consultant Ralf Schaefer. And a launch meeting of the Vehicle Lighting Executive Group (VLEG) was held: about 20 key Chinese and international industry and standardisation experts discussed specific needs for vehicle lighting in the Chinese market. Input included highlights of presentations from IFAL and the Summit. Agreement was reached that accident fatality patterns in China are quite different to those in Europe and elsewhere, so specific research is needed into vehicle lighting in China. It was unanimously decided to establish an executive group—VLEG—to guide research on vehicle lighting in China with special focus on two-wheelers. Count on DVN to keep you up to date as these efforts take shape.

Meanwhile, this week we've got an in-depth report on these meetings. You'll also find news of the increasing number and scope of tie-ups, pacts, and collaboration agreements not only between suppliers, but between traditionally competing automakers. Clearly the basic topography of the auto industry is shifting, in new and interesting ways. Has there ever been a more invigourating time to be in this field? Probably not! We're glad you're here with us.

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