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Three Goals for the Lighting Community

KPMG have published an interesting survey of automotive trends, three of which involve the lighting community: the transition to EVs, digitisation which opens new opportunities for value creation, and autonomous and connected vehicles which stand to widely alter how automobiles are owned, managed, and used.

These three trends imply our need to be smart about the power consumption of car lights, optimise the digitalisation of ADB and other advanced lighting functions, and purseue a cogent strategy on new lights in AVs. 
But what does all that mean, practically?

  • About power consumption: we must optimally integrate and balance the needs of drivers—including elderly drivers—traffic participants, and the environment. We do not always and everywhere need the highest level of light (and resultant power consumption).
  • On digitalisation, we have to consider not only ADB and new lighting technologies, but also integration of lidar and cameras. To that end, there's to be a DVN Conference on lidar this November, and we'll be publishing a DVN Report on automotive cameras the end of this month.
  • As for new lights on AVs, the most difficult point, we need to make sure they're globally commonised to the maximum practicable degree, right from the start.

Even though lighting is largely not heavily emphasised in the KPMG report, it's still well worth a read. We summarise it in this week's in-depth report.

Sincerely yours

DVN President

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