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Vehicle Lighting in Japan
Published 22 May, 2018
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DVN Japanese Car Light Industry Report Goes Live

Today it is my pleasure to present our new DVN study on the Japanese vehicle lighting industry. A lot of effort went into its creation, including extensive work in Japan with DVN's Hitoshi Takahashi; we met and interviewed important people in the industry and saw a great deal of show-and-tell from the companies involved. We are most grateful to all of them for their courtesy, cooperation, and warm welcome.

You will find in this report an overview of the automotive industry in Japan, describing how this industry is crucial for Japan—and for the world, as Japanese car makers command 29% of the global car production. You'll read about the lighting philosophies, achievements, and efforts of automakers, lamp set makers, and tier-2 suppliers, and about Japan's unique lighting regulatory history and current participation in developing the UN Regulations.

Having now done this report, I am convinced that the Japanese automotive industry even after some difficulties in past years is still very strong and has the competencies and the means to conquer the big challenges of our industry in the future.

Find a summary of the report in this week's newsletter, then download your copy of the full report. I hope to see you soon at the DVN workshop coming soon in Tokyo on June 5th and 6th.

Be informed that registrations for the Tokyo event are now closed, having reached the maximum occupancy allowed by security requirements at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo Hotel.

Jean-Paul Ravier
DVN Senior Consultant 

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