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Published on 2 April, 2019
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EVs Will Be 35% of Europe's Market by 2035

Last week I attended an interesting conference about the forecast for evolution of the automotive markets in Europe and the world. Two speakers from PSA and Renault presented an annual update of their study started 10 years ago; the main conclusion was that conditions in Europe favour an ongoing EV push, with EV market share predicted to reach 35% and vehicle sales in China are predicted to reach around 33 million units by 2035, while diesel power's market share, once seemingly indomitable in Europe, is expected to sink by 30 points as soon as 2025. This week you'll find our description and analysis of those forecasts and more.

Incidentally, this what you're reading is the first DVN editorial not primarily focused on lighting or ADAS topics. I really think presentations like this, forecasting the future of the automotive market, deserve to be detailed here; they have direct relevance for us in the DVN community—the information they present show that we have to work on driving down the energy consumption, mass, and volume of our headlamps and other devices and systems.

The DVN Shanghai Workshop starts tomorrow, and I am happy to announce that a record 27 companies—including all six of the world's greatest set makers—are sponsoring the event and displaying their latest innovations, and we will have 27 lectures about the latest technologies. More, there'll be another of our very popular regulation sessions featuring top worldwide experts like GTB President Geoff Draper, Audi's Wolfgang Huhn, Varroc's Rainer Neuman, Bu Weili from SMVIC, He Yuntang and Zhau Zhun from CATARC. Watch for coverage here in the Driving Vision News.

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