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Five Takeaways from the Geneva Auto Show

I visited the Geneva Auto Show last week.
Like every year, I am impressed by the creativity of OEM designers to find innovative designs of new external lights, not only in fonctional situations but also in dynamic situations like welcome lights from stop and turn signal lights, and also from other parts of the car like door handles. One week later after my visit, I retain five points:

  1. Proliferation of rectangular light modules used by generalist brands like Renault with all their new models, Peugeot, some VW models, even US brands like FCA with the new Ram, and also in many concept cars;
  2. Thinner and thinner headlamps and rear lamps with more and more linear tail lights which cover the totallity of the width of the car;
  3. Communication from the front and the rear ends, with the drivers and the pedestrians, to prepare for the arrival of semi/autonomous cars;
  4. Several locations of light sources with thin upper position even using position light;
  5. Endless innovation in front and rear lights, using the levers of shape, contour, aspect, and colour inside and outside the lights.

Read this week our in-depth coverage of the main innovative production and concept cars at Geneva. All information, comments and pictures are original productions by the DVN team who visited the show contrary to last week in-depth information which came from the exhibitors press releases.

These 5 highlights confirm the great future of automotive lighting as put forth in the DVN study on the Global market of automotIve exterIor lightIng, published six months ago.

More information of the Geneva Auto Show will be published in a report to go live on 27 March.

Sincerely yours,

DVN President

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