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New-Car Dissection: Path to Lighting Benchmarks?

Last month I visited A2Mac1, a very interesting independent company with a team of over 250 people worldwide. They analyse in detail entire cars just after their launch, and provide information concerning all systems and components of the car. See this week's in-depth report for more detail. During my visit, I was impressed by the means enforced by the company to make the analysis, and by the volume of documents they generate. Great expertise is evident in the areas of benchmarking and related software. Data collection, data structure and data management can be centralised, monitored, and secured worldwide. A2Mac1 are also involved in lighting. Ten light systems per year are analysed: 3D scans of all the lighting modules, complete teardown documentation including data on mass, dimensions, materials, suppliers, etc., with pictures and videos.

But A2Mac1 are not at all involved in functional lighting analysis. Maybe there is an opportunity for them to begin this kind of analysis with the help of some DVN-member institutes and universities. While there are many reports on lighting performance from IIHS, Consumer Reports, and the world's NCAPs, there is no strictly-defined assessment in relation with safety. If such a system can be developed, it certainly should be.

We are continuing our investigations and we will regularly inform you about our discoveries. Your feedback remains crucial to the quality of the information we're able to provide for you; please keep your comments and questions coming. As your independent expert, I sustain my commitment to do my best to help the lighting community to improve safety.

Three other interesting points in the newsletter :
- WP29 endorses the GRE simplification plan
- VISION congress Is now available at
- New Opel Zafira with Full LED Adaptive Lights

Sincerely yours

DVN Editor in Chief

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The Regulatory Revolution Goes Ahead: WP29 endorses the GRE simplification plan

The Regulatory Revolution Goes Ahead: WP29 endorses the GRE simplification plan

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