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Interesting Lectures, Fruitful Times Ahead at ISAL

ISAL 2017 will be held on 26–27 September with a meet-and-greet soirée the night before, Monday the 25th. This is, of course, an event of premier importance for the vehicle lighting community. Three themes in particular will overspan the lectures:
ADB, communication in the context of autonomous cars, and iInterior lighting.

Moreover, there'll be a panel discussion on the subject of autonomous vehicles and the role of new lighting functions in the traffic space. It's to be led by Rainer Neumann, who always finds charming ways to liven things up. I will be also very keen to follow the lecture of Opel's Röckl on successful promotion of lighting functions in the marketplace. That's just one of several presentations I have already seen impressive previews of—I can't wait!

This year's symposium will surely be de rigueur; it is an opportunity for all the lighting community to network and for newcomers to jump in and start learning fast. See you there!

Sincerely yours

DVN President

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September, 26-27, 2017


IAA Frankfort
Frankfort, Germany
September 14-24, 2017
Press days: September 12-13