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Great Study on the Future of Lighting

The last 10 years have highlighted the fantastic advances in lighting technology and the great possibilities in the next 10 years in terms of new technologies and new autonomous functions, especially in the area of communication with pedestrians and motorists. We know the future of the next 5 years with ADB, matrix/pixel light, and so on... but what about the view 10-15 years down the road?

In this period starting around 2025,
- there is uncertainty regarding the lighting technologies that will be chosen: LED, laser, LCD, DMD, MEMS, OLED...maybe something not yet released...certainly a mix, but what mix?
- There's also uncertainty about the arrival time of new functions related to semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

These uncertainties make it difficult to choose the corresponding investments in development, production, and human resources. For this reason, DVN is launching a major study involving the VIPs of OEMs, set makers, light source suppliers, universities and institutes. We expect this study will be of interest to OEM's, T1's. T2's and other stakeholders in the vehicle lighting and driver vision fields. To bring this study together, we're working in three directions:
• Literature review
• Face-to-face interviews with key people round the world representing industry, universities, institutes, regulators, and other relevant experts
• Organisation of panel talks and roundtable discussions in different regions of the world.

We're on track to make the study available for purchase exclusively by DVN members this May. Its working title:
Impact of a changing Automotive Industry on Exterior Lighting: Evolution or Revolution? Identify your Success Factors for the Next Decade.
In these discussions DVN are represented by a team of 6 experts:
• Leo Metzemaekers who worked 29 years at Philips, of which 19 years in Automotive;
• Ralf Schaefer who has worked 34 years for Philips Lighting, 22 in automotive;
• Jean-Paul Charret, former Valeo Lighting R&D director;
• Jean-Paul Ravier, former Valeo Lighting Research director, now at the head of ELS;
• Salomon Berner
• Hector Fratty
The study will serve as a guide for the industry to be prepared for a transition into the next decade.
If you are interested to know more, or to lend a hand, contact us.

Sincerely yours

DVN President

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