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Lighting Technologies
Everlight at Nepcon, Japan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 February 2019

Everlight have demonstrated their automotive and Infrared products at Nepcon Japan, where Mini Rear Lamp and infrared modules were exhibited. The new Mini Rear Lamp incorporates small-pitch Everlight LEDs: 27.63 ppi (pixels/inch). Implementation

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JLR's Newest AV Lighting Ideas PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 February 2019

Jaguar-Land Rover have developed technology for self-driving cars that uses light to show pedestrians and other road users the car's intent.

By projecting rows of parallel bars onto the road surface, people near equipped vehicles

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Marelli's Newest Smart Corners PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 January 2019

Having unveiled their third-generation Smart Corner technology at CES, Magneti Marelli gave an encore presentation at NAIAS in Detroit. The Smart Corner, named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Self-Driving Technology

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Best VISION Lectures Recognized PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 October 2018

It was a top-flight docket of lectures at the recent VISION Congress, and Audi Head of Tail Light Development Michael Kruppa's talk has been crowned

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Mini LEDs to Go Live in '19 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 October 2018

LEDinside predict the development of MiniLEDs will accelerate in 2019 and '20, and as the technology finds consumer-product and automotive applications

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Perovskite Could Unleash LED Breakthrough PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 October 2018

Scientists have continuously worked on improving the performance of LEDs. Now, it seems LEDs based on Perovskite—"PLED"—could be a new approach.

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Lextar's Tiny µLEDs at Touch Taiwan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 September 2018

Lextar have announced the launch at Touch Taiwan 2018 of the latest micro LED chips, smaller than 20 µm, and two different micro LED chip

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Mini-LEDs, QLEDs from CPT PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 September 2018

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) have reported progress in materials development for mini LEDs and cadmium-free quantum-dot LEDs.

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Audi FIR Night Sight Spots Pedestrians PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 August 2018

Audi's Night Vision Assistant uses a thermal imaging camera at the front of the vehicle, neatly tucked into one of the four rings that make up Audi's

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The Automobile Lighting Revolution PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 June 2018

Extract from AFP, Agence France Press; Paris, 11 June 2018

«For Hector Fratty, founder of the technology watch website

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MicroLED Performance Exceeding OLED? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 June 2018

In an analysis conducted in collaboration with Knowmade, Yole Développement's partner, shows that more than 120 companies or research

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