DrivingVisionNews Aims

• Build a Lighting and Driver assistance community
• Share information and optimize regulations
• Promote good lighting
• Improve safety

DrivingVisionNews information and reports addresses managers as well as experts, university researchers, specialised engineers and new comers in the field.

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About Us

What is the target of DrivingVisionNews?

To build a global worldwide automotive Lighting and Driver Assistance community sharing information, promoting good lighting and optimizing regulations in order to improve safety. 

What is DrivingVisionNews all about?

1. Lighting and Driver Assistance are amongst the strongest growing technologies for active safety in cars design. Drivers are increasingly showing care and interest for the style and span of offer in automotive lighting and the features for driver assistance.
2. Information on Lighting and Driver Assistance is scattered and abundant. Anyone who has to remain up-to-date will have to spend a considerable amount of time and money to stay in touch with the rapid development of these technologies and their applications worldwide.
3. Information behind the scene, i.e. hard and soft facts from the industry, performance data mixed with subjective feedback and views of experts worldwide.

Our offer

"DrivingVisionNews" offers Subscribers specific News and Reports dedicated to automotive lighting and driver assistance.
DrivingVisionNews provides professionals working in the lighting and driver assistance fields for carmakers, suppliers, Universities and Labs, with the following informations and activities:

On every Tuesday, a weekly Newsletter is sent to subscribers by Email about:
- The interview of the week or an in-depth article about a precise technology or event
- Automotive Lighting info on a global level
- Driver assistance info
- General info

Every month, DrivingVisionNews is publishing on its website a specific report about one of following subjects:
- Motorshows and specialized congresses
- Profiles of OEMs and companies involved in lighting and driver assistance
- Technologies
- Technical surveys
- Regulation follow-up

DVN News database and all published reports: over 7,000 News and over 100 reports are available on DVN website with a research engine

Access to the DVN Gold members’ Directory in website Community section: detailed presentation of your company products/services to top 100 global lighting players in the industry.

DVN workshops twice-a-year: DVN hold workshops and round-table discussions periodically for its members. Lighting workshops have been held twice a year in Paris (France), Munich (Germany), Rochester, MI (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea), gathering each time over 300 lighting experts and decision-maker attendees. DVN subsribers get free seats at DVN workshops.

The team

Pubishing Director: Hector Fratty:
Hector Fratty entire career has been in automotive lighting. From 1995 to 2006 he acted as Valeo Lighting Systems' chief of R & D, managing a staff of 650 engineers and technicians and a budget of over € 70 m. He filed 20 patents worldwide.
Hector Fratty presides over the highly regarded biennial VISION Congress international automotive lighting and driver assistance symposium. He is also member of the ISAL and DELRIS steering commities.
Hector Fratty built around him a team with German, French, Dutch, American, Chinese and Japonese experts, established since years in the field of lighting and driver assistance.


Driving Vision News headquarters are located in Paris, 3 rue Daumier, 75016, France
Their offices are located 121 rue d'Aguesseau, Boulogne Billancourt, 92100, France


Phone:+33 1 55 60 18 25       Fax: +33 1 55 60 18 39    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it