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Sunday, 25 February 2018

DVN have now published the 2018 DVN Tokyo Workshop which took place on June 5-6 at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo Hotel. This is where you'll find quick and easy access to all the topics over the course of the proceedings. Each presentation is summarised, with illustrations, and there's clickable access to the lecture slides (except where the speaker or their company could not authorise it). There's coverage of the expo booths and panel discussion, too. New in this report: for the first time, you can click through to see DVN-exclusive video interviews with speakers and exhibitors.

Highlights of this report include accounts of the presentations by Honda's Ryou Chijimatsu and Nissan's Hitoshi Nakagaki, who described their vision of the lighting future in context of Japanese lighting culture; comments by Wolfgang Huhn on the possibility that last Spring's Uber pedestrian fatality could have been avoided with ADB, and lectures by Renault's Paul-Henri Matha and PSA's Whilk Gonçalves emphasising the importance of lighting to be seen.


Of course it is not a substitute for actually being at the event—if you weren't able to attend, you missed a highly informative, very productive time—but the report conveys the main points of each lecture and describes the highlights of the expo booths. All in all, there were 21 lectures, a grand keynote address, and a panel discussion. The three most important points developed by all the speakers:

1. Lighting has a great future, helped—and not doomed—by the arrival of autonomous vehicles.

2. ADB is the primary main solution to improve safety by night, but we need to improve the performance; reduce system cost, weight, and volume, and get all the world's regulators onside.

3. The next big challenge is V2X communication by light. We have to work together and be involved to achieve proposals able to win technical, cultural, and regulatory support worldwide.

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