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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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Motorcycle lighting has long been relegated to poor-sister status. Naturally, as an offshoot of general vehicle lighting technology it has much in common with the lighting on more-wheeled vehicles. But constraints on component size, weight, and power consumption have meant
for as long as motorcycles have had electric lights—almost a century now—those lights have not been up to the task of providing the motorcyclist what's needed for safe driving in the dark, nor for adequate conspicuity to avoid being hit in the daytime.

But now the currently ongoing advent of LEDs and other advanced lighting is rapidly changing that. New technology, new techniques, and new approaches to old problems unique to motorcycle lighting are making it a hot topic. That's why we're proud this week to release DVN's first-ever report on motorcycle lighting. In it, you'll find detailed discussion of lighting issues that don't arise in the car-truck-van-coach world, interviews and commentary by thoughtful experts, discussion of the Tier-1 topography, a look at the newest adaptive motorcycle lighting, description of the unique aspects of the motorcycle OE and aftermarket segments, and over a hundred annotated images. We talked with a lot of people and visited several motorcycle shows to put this report together, and we hope you get as much out of it as we've put into it. There's a preview in this week's Driving Vision News, but to really get the full presentation you'll want to download the whole report.