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Driving Assistance and Advanced Lighting Systems PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 April 2015

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The current convergence of vision, safety and other systems in the automobile presents the entire industry with challenges on a never-before-seen scale. The size, complexity and interaction of these converging systems require paradigm-changing approaches, tools and talent to successfully undertake their development, testing and homologation.

The ever-increasing synergy of Lighting and ADAS, (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems), and V2X connectivity is significant, but this resulting integration will only be a part of the more daunting automotive "mega- architecture" required for semi-autonomous/autonomous driving.

In this update report about ADAS and Lighting technologies, DVN has limited the scope to the automotive Lighting/ADAS/ community faces now and in the near future. The enormously wide range Automated and Connected driving and their ramifications are subjects only dealt with here as how they can effect automotive Lighting.
After having described the current state of art and the need for an integrated systems approach for car-embedded hardware and software, this reports defines the various ADAS functions available on premium car segments and briefly traces their history.

In a next chapter, the two main categories, Advanced Front Lighting Systems with their five features and Adaptive Lighting Systems with their four functions are described followed by the panel of the different global players analyzed.

Sensors are the subject of the 5th chapter with their related image and information processing needs.
Finally the last chapter tries to outline what the outlook of combined Lighting and ADAS systems could be in the next future and which are the main challenges the automobile industry is facing in this context.