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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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It’s been fifteen amazing years for the Shanghai International Automobile Industry exhibition, which is able to boast is the world’s largest car extravaganza of the year. It has the largest number of exhibitors, the most new model introductions and brings forth the most concept vehicle showings in one place. To establish its massive stance?there were 2,000 manufactures from eighteen countries, 1,300 vehicles on display, 111 global vehicle debuts and 69 amazing concept cars showings. With China being the largest new market on the planet, all the automotive players are focused and competing for the visual prize of being seen and getting there brand noticed with innovation, style and distinct looks. Lighting?both exterior and interior has become one of the mainstays of design innovation. It is a fact that this current decade will be much more challenging and competitive for automotive companies and each of them will be tested to see if they can navigate to deliver positive performance and design looks that will sell there cars.

Often design innovation is born out of necessity or the overwhelming need to do something different in order to get noticed. This years auto show’s theme was “innovation for a better life” This is certainly true with the hottest design area?automotive lighting that continues to expand at an amazing rate. While it is not possible to document every single vehicle lighting design innovation or trend nor would it be a very interesting read, it is possible to break out the major categories to showcase innovative lighting trends, new technologies being used and showcasing unique design looks. Here are my category choices.

• Best-in-Class Lighting Designs
• Unique Design Looks
• New Lighting Design Trends
• New Materials Being Seen