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Shows and Congresses
SAE international congress
Tuesday, 05 May 2009

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About the sessions

• The main lighting focus was on LED energy consumption benefits, on Halogen/Xenon/LED studies and survey results.
One interesting paper was presented on a new BiHalogen projector module with details on its development, light source, adaptability, and performance characteristics.
Several good papers analysing the safety aspects of Halogen vs Xenon vs LED were presented with some surprising results on glare.
Geneva Auto Show report released
Tuesday, 17 March 2009

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Automakers and design houses used the show to display more than 15 concept cars and 20 new production cars for markets round the world. These sorts of numbers are normally seen during boom times.
Of course, many of these product plans were started when times were good. The glitz of past years likely will be muted in the near future due to budget cuts. Still, the roster of vehicles is impressive, with emphasis on both performance and economy.

At a time when automakers are pulling out of auto shows, putting the very survival of the events at risk, the Geneva salon is perhaps one last display of optimism from an industry looking for any hint of good news.

Intelligent Automotive Lighting Congress
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

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About fifty experts in vehicular lighting (motor vehicle, aeronautic, and maritime) and driver/operator assistance participated in the IAL congress (Intelligent Automotive Lighting congress) which was held at Frankfurt.

Over 40 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:

- General information on trends and influencing factors.
- Strong links among lighting, safety and styling.
- Developments in LEDs for Daytime Running Lights.
- Pedestrian detection and tracking, a most crucial technology to decrease pedestrian injuries and fatalities.
- Adaptive lighting with progress in high beam assistance.
Canadian International Auto Show
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

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The American market generally does not share the same interest in lighting and driver vision technology found in European and Asian markets, though Ford's pace of lighting evolution is higher than that of Chrysler or General Motors.

The trends and tendencies in lighting technology level by car sector are generally in accord with Driving Vision News' predictions, though the Korean makers, in particular, are aggressively bringing high-performance lighting downmarket.
European and Asian innovation is the primary influence on worldwide level and rate of driver vision innovation.
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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DELRIS congress gathers 70 experts on automotive lighting.

In 50 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:
- Basic information on Regulations, on Glare (Discomfort, Disability, Recovery time), Visibility distance presented by the highest known representative speakers.
- Visionary topics on lighting in the next ten years with the growth of LED and driver assistance.
- Information on LED, with the experience of 1 year and 16,000 cars equipped with LED on Lexus 600h and with the experience of development and production of Audi R8 headlamps

Automechanica Report
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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Hella were the one big lighting exhibitor with a very wide show room, a big part of which was focused on lighting. They presented all their range of products including all the functions, fog lights and other auxiliary beams, work lights, DRL and all the technologies Halogen, Xenon and LED. Two beam setters with a camera-based technology are also presented. A few other OEM lighting suppliers were present;
Ullo presented their wide range of rear lamps for German cars, and
ZKW exhibited their headlamps mainly for BMW. Valeo presented on one single panel two AFS Xenon headlamps and a new DRL/fog lighting technology.
Surprisingly, Taiwanese outfit TYC, known mostly for low-cost copies of original-equipment lamps,are now trying their hand at OEM supply.

2008 Paris Auto Show
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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More than 50 cars, production and concept cars shown at Paris 2008 Mondial Auto Show are analyzed with comments and 250 pictures. Pertinent features are:

- Hybrid and electric cars dominate the Paris motor show. These cars are building their “hybrid” signature mainly on front and rear lamp styling.
Example: All hybrid cars.
LEDs are the best response.

- DRL, mandatory in 2011, is now integrated in the front end and is becoming a strong lever for styling
Example: Audi, Lancia, Volvo.
It is the best way to differentiate from motorcycles and to establish a unique differentiated brand signature.

VISION congress-Versailles Satory
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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VISION congress 2008 gathered 232 people involved in automotive lighting and driver assistance.
In 100 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:
• General information on accidentology and human factors with proposals to improve visibility and safety.
• Strong links between lighting, safety and styling
• New development of LED systems with significant improvements in performance and cost.
• Adaptive lighting with progress in high beam assistance and progressive light systems.
• Pedestrian detection and tracking, a most crucial technology to decrease fatalities involving pedestrians.

2008 SAE Show
Tuesday, 29 April 2008

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About sessions

  • Weak attendance compared to last years. A maximum of 120 people attended the sessions in 2008 compared with more than 200 people a few years ago. Attendance of car makers and suppliers, mainly from Europe, is decreasing year by year. Japan attendees now outnumber European representatives.
  • In Lighting, Sessions were focused to LED benefits, performances and Styling. No paper on Xenon or BiXenon systems. Very little information on AFS/bending light.
    The big 5 (A.L., Hella, Koito, Valeo and Visteon) presented only one lectures each
  • In Driving assistance, some appealing papers were presented, like the improvement of All?around view image from Nissan and the trend to fusion LKS and ACC
2008 Geneva Auto Show
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Geneva 2008 provides a vision of how technologies will move from premium segments to small cars.

1. Geneva 2008 Auto show is focussed on small and hybrid cars.
Designers work along the downsizing trend and concentrate innovative approaches to the interior and exterior styling of headlamps and rear lamps, with increased use of LED technology to save volume and space.
Example: Toyota IQ, Dodge Zeo

2. Relatively few new concept cars.
Most of presented concept cars were already presented at Tokyo or Detroit.
Some of the concept cars unveiled at Geneva 2007 or Frankfort 2007 are now presented like production cars:
Example: Toyota IQ, Renault Koleos, Ford Kuga and Fiesta (Verve)

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