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VISION congress-Versailles Satory
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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VISION congress 2008 gathered 232 people involved in automotive lighting and driver assistance.
In 100 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:
• General information on accidentology and human factors with proposals to improve visibility and safety.
• Strong links between lighting, safety and styling
• New development of LED systems with significant improvements in performance and cost.
• Adaptive lighting with progress in high beam assistance and progressive light systems.
• Pedestrian detection and tracking, a most crucial technology to decrease fatalities involving pedestrians.

A sizeable portion of the report is focused on the increasing links between lighting and driver assistance: camera sensors detect obstacles early, and this information is processed to actuate specific lighting and light the driver's way adaptively.
Many presentations explain how with one camera, we are able to manage several functions.

At the end of the report, the author details the 8 key points of the night drive demonstrations:
1) Performance differential with Xenon or LED is such that driving at night in bad weather conditions with legal halogen headlamps can legitimately be considered dangerous.
2) Augmented, high-feature halogen lights with motorway and static bending functions improve the safety, but these complements are not enough.
3) Xenon headlamps make night driving safe even in bad weather.
4) LED headlamps have evolved significantly since the 2006 demonstration, and can produce a good light which permits safe driving at night in bad weather, but it is still a challenge to equal Xenon performance in terms of beam flux and coverage.
5) The high beam assistant is at long last a dependable, high-performance feature which permits maximum possible use of the high beam.
6) New Human-Machine Interface solutions are being presented; a significant example is the flashing-screen interface for a pedestrian-detection system.
7) Intelligent adaptive cruise control is evolving fast
8) Obstacle detection and mitigation systems are coming online