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2008 Paris Auto Show
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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More than 50 cars, production and concept cars shown at Paris 2008 Mondial Auto Show are analyzed with comments and 250 pictures. Pertinent features are:

- Hybrid and electric cars dominate the Paris motor show. These cars are building their “hybrid” signature mainly on front and rear lamp styling.
Example: All hybrid cars.
LEDs are the best response.

- DRL, mandatory in 2011, is now integrated in the front end and is becoming a strong lever for styling
Example: Audi, Lancia, Volvo.
It is the best way to differentiate from motorcycles and to establish a unique differentiated brand signature.

- More and more headlamps use less room for functional lighting
Example: Toyota IQ, Citroen Hypnos.
One of the possibilities is the BiHalogen projector module which is a good compromise between small volume, low cost, low energy consumption and enough light to drive by night.

- Many headlamp and rear lamp shapes do not match with regulations.
Example: Renault Ondelios, Mazda Akimora, Peugeot RC HY concept.
Need to gather engineering and regulation experts to prepare the next styling change.

- Research of innovative designs of headlamps: Different areas for different functions instead of all in one, and shape of light area far from to day’s eye.
Example: Renault Ondelios, Citroen Hypnos,
Headlamp designers have to work in this fields to define news optical systems complying regulations.

- Several cars with Neon appearance.
Example: Nissan Nuvu, Peugeot RC HY, Honda Insight.
Big challenge for LED to match with this appearance.

- Confirmation that rear light designs are more and more a style differentiation lever.
Example: Volvo XC60, Peugeot 308CC
Innovative technologies as MicroOptics from Valeo and Curtain light from Hella are a good lever and have to be extended with other equivalent technologies.