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Automechanica Report
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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Hella were the one big lighting exhibitor with a very wide show room, a big part of which was focused on lighting. They presented all their range of products including all the functions, fog lights and other auxiliary beams, work lights, DRL and all the technologies Halogen, Xenon and LED. Two beam setters with a camera-based technology are also presented. A few other OEM lighting suppliers were present;
Ullo presented their wide range of rear lamps for German cars, and
ZKW exhibited their headlamps mainly for BMW. Valeo presented on one single panel two AFS Xenon headlamps and a new DRL/fog lighting technology.
Surprisingly, Taiwanese outfit TYC, known mostly for low-cost copies of original-equipment lamps,are now trying their hand at OEM supply.

Five Driving Vision comments

1) There was a big contrast between OEM suppliers which presented technologies inside comfortable showrooms, and the many small suppliers from low-cost countries, offering low technologies at low prices, often copied or even counterfeited. There were booths presenting and offering non-homologated products.
The future of OEM’s is in developing high technology and dedicated parts.

2) TYC, known as a low-cost copy-maker, are presenting high tech products including LED headlamps. It will be interesting to see how they succeed.

3) DRLs were more and more present in the booths. With the pending obligation to have DRL in new cars from 2011,DRL is becoming good lever to increase sales, specially in LED technologies

4) Styling-tuning prospects centred on headlamps with light guide and ring light technology are more and more visible.

5) There was a low participation of driver assistance system suppliers.
Two Tier 2 suppliers were present with interesting products including Mobileye presenting their technology of several functions with one single camera.