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Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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DELRIS congress gathers 70 experts on automotive lighting.

In 50 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:
- Basic information on Regulations, on Glare (Discomfort, Disability, Recovery time), Visibility distance presented by the highest known representative speakers.
- Visionary topics on lighting in the next ten years with the growth of LED and driver assistance.
- Information on LED, with the experience of 1 year and 16,000 cars equipped with LED on Lexus 600h and with the experience of development and production of Audi R8 headlamps

- Increasing links between lighting and driver assistance, Camera sensors detecting obstacles earlier then driver eyes and helping to actuate specific lighting.

Podium sessions emphasized:
- The difficulty to combine innovations and regulations, styling effects impacting regulation approvals.
- The progress of LED on performances with doubled flux every 6 years but no cost reduction and a stable price of Lumen.
- The possibility to automatically drive, without driver, on highway in the next decade.

An interview of Pr Khanh and 20 pictures close the report.