2015 ISAL Print
Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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Executive Summary

For the engineers and experts who could not attend ISAL 2015, or for the attendants who did not catch all the information, we are pleased to release a photo-illustrated report presenting highlights of some of the lectures, with DVN's expert analysis and commentary. It is not intended as a comprehensive recap, nor as a digest version of the whole symposium; those interested in the full docket who were unable to attend are well advised to purchase the proceedings, which are available by enquiry from TU-Darmstadt. General topics coverd by the report include:

Front lighting, with 3 main messages staying in mind:
1) LED is the technology of the future. Many lectures showed the huge and anticipated progress of this technology, the infinite possibilities in styling, and the arrival of more affordable Eco-LED light sources with attractive energy consumption for the medium segment, all of these factors leading to a probable market prevalence much higher than expected a few year ago;
2) Great future of ADB, with a variety of lectures emphasising ADB great potential in the future mainly with the arrival of new technologies derived from video projectors (and some interesting material on APB, adaptive passing beam);
3) Laser technology is becoming a reality even if the cost is still very high and all the validations are not finished.

Rear lighting with 2 prominent new trends:
1) Many lectures on sequential turn indicators which way was opened by the Audi's A8 new styling and safety(?) trend;
2) OLED technology with 3 interesting lectures—OLED car lights should reach production stage in 2016/2017. But other techniques such as Hella's impressive holographic optics may give OLED vigourous competition.

Interior lighting, more and more important with the arrival of semi-autonomous cars.
The report closes with pictures taken during the event: booths, displays, and around 800 people gathered during 2 days. There's also an exclusive interview with Professor Khanh, the president of the ISAL congress. Give it a look!
- Booths are really a great lever for promoting new technologies. It is possible to see them working, to touch them, to check them, to compare them. Real stuff will always be more convincing than words or leaflets.
- Benchmarking is the most important point we retain from this congress. The lighting community is a special and unique one. What a pleasure to talk technics with the colleagues, to share some opinion or to debate on the future of a technology or a new car model!

In conclusion, it is true that participants stay two days out of their office. It is nothing compared with what we learn during these 2 days. The old times—when we were working secretly, hiding our results and findings, rejecting everything NIH (Not Invented Here)—are really finished!