2014 VISION Congress Print
Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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In the report, we explain and comment on the main innovations and topics presented at this VISION 2014 Congress. This year's lectures, posters, night-drive demonstrations, booths, and technological presentations all combined to make VISION an exceptional congress on new technologies with emphasis on the unprecedented speed and preoliferation of new and newly-mature technologies and techniques. Around 450 people attended.

Presentation topics covered in the report include:
• Adaptive light systems, evolving very fast in lockstep with ever-more-advanced cameras and sensors for adaptive systems;
• Systems combining new LEDs with new optics as well as lasers;
• Driver assistance systems increasingly combining ADAS and lighting.

The report also includes pictures and information concerning the exhibitions which emphasise the progress of automotive lighting systems. We also cover the drive night tests, with the main points:
• Performance differential with HID, LED, and ADB is such that driving at night in bad weather with legal halogen headlamps can legitimately be considered dangerous;
• LED headlamps have evolved significantly since the 2012 demonstration, and can produce a good light effectively equal to HID in terms of coverage and beam flux.
• Glare-free high beam is at long last a dependable, high-performance feature which permits maximum possible seeing range at all times for the driver, even in traffic—and the resolution of the systems in the pipeline keeps getting better.
You'll also find pictures of this VISION 2014 lighting community gathering around 450 people during 2 days and one night, talking about automotive lighting. Give it a look!