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2008 SAE Show
Tuesday, 29 April 2008

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About sessions

  • Weak attendance compared to last years. A maximum of 120 people attended the sessions in 2008 compared with more than 200 people a few years ago. Attendance of car makers and suppliers, mainly from Europe, is decreasing year by year. Japan attendees now outnumber European representatives.
  • In Lighting, Sessions were focused to LED benefits, performances and Styling. No paper on Xenon or BiXenon systems. Very little information on AFS/bending light.
    The big 5 (A.L., Hella, Koito, Valeo and Visteon) presented only one lectures each
  • In Driving assistance, some appealing papers were presented, like the improvement of All?around view image from Nissan and the trend to fusion LKS and ACC

About exhibitions

  • Very few lighting and driver assistance suppliers are present. Only 2 booths are involved in Lighting and 3 booths in Driver assistance.
  • Docter Optics presents their lens innovations
    • Camera: Elimination of reflections and veiling glare which cause a loss of signal quality
    • Projector: Free form lens used on Hella LED headlights for Cadillac.
  • LucidDrive presents its standalone Night Driving Simulation which uses latest modern graphics hardware technology.
  • Continental presents a radar?based distance control system, a camera?based driver assistance systems and a Lane keeping system based on its specific camera technology.
  • Aisin presents an intelligent Parking Assist System jointly developed with Toyota, a DRL control system and a Driver Monitor System which detects driver facial’s direction for enhanced safe driving.
  • Hitachi stresses recognition of driving environment with radar, Image?processing camera and navigation systems.