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2008 Geneva Auto Show
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Geneva 2008 provides a vision of how technologies will move from premium segments to small cars.

1. Geneva 2008 Auto show is focussed on small and hybrid cars.
Designers work along the downsizing trend and concentrate innovative approaches to the interior and exterior styling of headlamps and rear lamps, with increased use of LED technology to save volume and space.
Example: Toyota IQ, Dodge Zeo

2. Relatively few new concept cars.
Most of presented concept cars were already presented at Tokyo or Detroit.
Some of the concept cars unveiled at Geneva 2007 or Frankfort 2007 are now presented like production cars:
Example: Toyota IQ, Renault Koleos, Ford Kuga and Fiesta (Verve)

3. Smaller headlamps are becoming fashionable.
Smaller headlamps and smaller functional light area with some extension for styling effect.
Example: Buick Riviera, Lincoln MKT, Land Rover, Honda CR-Z, Mitsubishi RA, Nissan Forum

4. Front and rear of the car are becoming the main areas for attractive innovation.
• Innovation with the outline of headlamp and rear lamp styling.
Example: Saturn Plug-In, Buick Riviera, Lincoln MKT, Land Rover CRX, Ford Explorer America
• Innovation with the interior design of headlamps.
Example: Lincoln MKT, Honda CR-Z, Honda Pilot, Mitsubishi RA

5. Perceived quality is more and more sustained by vehicle lamps.
It is becoming a “must”. Most production cars now show some innovation on perceived quality
Example: Honda FCX Clarity

6. Strong interest in green cars decreases discussion of safety systems.
Only Audi and Renault communicate on safety systems and Hella present a panel of lighting systems

7. Main directions on headlamp style trends confirmed
• Contour of the headlamp is redesigned with an innovative approach.
Example: Lexus LF-A, Fioravanti
• Some optics, functional or not, surround the projector module, adding technological value to the headlight.
Example: Mitsubishi Prototype S, Dodge Zeo, Cadillac Provoq.
• New optical concepts, functional or not, emphasise the need for volume reduction and flexibility in shapes.
Example: Lincoln MKT, Honda CR-Z, Opel Meriva, Laguna Coupe