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Detroit 2008 Motorshow report
Tuesday, 26 February 2008
1. The new targets of energy reduction have a positive effect on the style, shape of headlamps and LED using: Better aero dynamism, Lower consumption, and specific green car style

2. Smaller headlamps are becoming fashionable with sometimes some extension of area for styling effect. Examples: Buick Riviera, Lincoln MKT, Land Rover, Honda CR-Z, Mitsubishi RA, Nissan Forum

3. On concept car headlamps the stylists are searching the next step after reflectors and projectors: either without changing the external shape : Toyota A-BAT, Buick Riviera, Lincoln MKT, Honda CR-Z, Mitsubishi RA or by a total change of headlamp appearance: Ford Explorer America, Suzuki X-Head

4. Rear and front parts of the car are becoming the main areas for attractive innovation

° Innovation with the outline of headlamp and rearlamp.Examples: Saturn Plug-In, Buick Riviera, Lincoln MKT, Land Rover CRX, Ford Explorer America,

° Innovation with the inside design of headlamps.Examples: Lincoln MKT, Honda CR-Z, Honda Pilot, Mitsubishi RA:

5. The perceived quality is more and more sustained by headlamps and rearlamps and is becoming a Must. Most of production cars have now something innovative on perceived quality and Honda FCX Clarity is the reference

6. There was a low level of communication about performances of lighting and driver assistance if we except Denso with a special area on driver assistance and Cadillac with a special panel for Escalade LED headlamps

7. All European Production cars presented, have already been seen in Frankfort or Geneva

8. Big progress of Chinese carmakers on general styling including headlamps: The headlamps and rearlamps look now pretty good seen from a given distance. But at a close distance, they are totally unacceptable because dirt inside appearance and irregular flush and gap along the front and rear body.

9. The concept car is not anymore a long term exercise of style but means a production car in the 2 or 3 next years, often with less expensive styling appearance change