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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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After Stuttgart in 2009, Paris in 2010 and 2011, Rochester in January 2012, the fifth DVN workshop was held on July 4th in a wonderful location, the Tokyo Westin Hotel. The 70 pages of the Tokyo workshop report held on 4 July 2012 are meant for all our DVN Gold members, including those who could not attend this exceptional event, and will brief you on the exchange of ideas, plans, innovations, and perspectives from automakers, researchers, regulators, academics, practitioners, and Tier-1 and -2 lighting suppliers about the introduction of new lighting technologies in Japan and elsewhere.

The first part of the report is a summary of the seven presentations from the morning's docket.
1) The 7 most important factors which influence automotive styling and designers by Audi General Manager of Lighting and Switches Wolfgang Huhn.
2) The promising subject of energy consumption and a look at the question of when energy savings will become a pivotal driver in automotive lighting by AL R&D V.P. Kamislav Fadel.
3) Valeo/Ichikoh Bi-LED standard module and the interesting discussion on standardization by Ichikoh Research Manager Olivier Barthomeuf.
4) How to develop LED headlamp take rate : make LED headlamps both stylish and affordable by Koito's Deputy General Manager Masaru Sasaki;
5) Assessment of what has been seen at the last 5 auto shows Frankfort, Tokyo, Detroit, Geneva, and Beijing Valeo Lighting Systems' Marketing Director Benoist Fleury.
6) Results of the first field test started after the GRE agreement to study automatic headlamp levelling with regard to its real effects on glare and safety. Visteon's R&D Director, GTB Front Lighting Working Group President Rainer Neumann .
7) Closing of the morning sessions with a presentation on headlamp styling and optics by Stanley R&D Chief Takashi Sato.

The second part of the report highlights why the afternoon panels and round table sessions were an exceptional moment, allowing for the first time exchanges of experience and opinions within and among the Japanese, Chinese, and European vehicle lighting communities.
- Panel 1, chaired by GTB President Geoff Draper, focused on regulations and their impact on new LED lighting technologies.
- Panel 2, chaired by Ralf Schäfer, one of the greatest experts of light sources, discussed the future of new light source technologies LED, OLED, and lasers.
- Round table 1, chaired by former Valeo Lighting R&D Director Jean-Paul Charret, focused on simulation with the help of three expert companies: Brandenburg, Mentor Graphics, and Optis.
- Round table 2, focused on components and materials, was chaired by DVN's own Salomon Berner. Materials experts from Bayer and a lens expert from Docter Optics were on hand to discuss topical ideas.
- Round table 3, chaired by Ralf Schäfer, gathered AML-Systems and Sonceboz to discuss mechatronics and actuator-related matters of leveling, AFS, adaptive lighting systems.

The report includes a few pictures illustrating this Tokyo workshop was a smashing success, well attended by more than 130 experts from all sectors of the lighting and driver assistance community.  On the eve before, the welcome dinner was once more a wonderful opportunity for attendees from all over the world to network with one another.


The third part of the report is a brief summary of the previous DVN workshops