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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

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This report on ISAL 2011 Congress is for readers who did not attend the congress or who missed some lectures on account of scheduling conflicts with the parallel sessions.
DVN developed a little more than half of the 65 presentations, with abstracts for the others.

The main presented technologies we emphasise include:
- LED technologies, including light sources and efficiency in optical systems, and their influence on AFS and Adaptive Lighting Systems.
- Spot Marking lights to show hidden pedestrian at night.
- New Xenon systems D5S, D8S, and DC ceramic.
- OLED and their possible application in interior lighting and position lights & side markers.
- Digital micro mirror device to create glare free high beam and present sign information to the driver.

All the lectures were of high quality,its difficult to pick particular winners but we make especial note of:
- G.Koether who presents the lighting development tools VW are developing.
- M.Hamm (AL) who confirms LEDs’ higher perceived brightness but warns of poorer detection thresholds.
- N.Müller from TUD who describes a correlation between driving stress and skin conductance.
- M.Kleinkes from Hella comparant the interesting new Vario LED to the previous Vario Xenon headlamp system.
- M.Mai from Daimler about the first fully dynamic LED headlamp.
- M.Mai from Daimler about the first fully dynamic LED headlamp.
- Y.Okubo from Ichikoh who describes the new LED optical generation with one reflection.
- Y.Shibata from Koito who presents a new beam to improve visibility in bad conditions.
- A.Moser from ZKW who presents a motorcycle head lighting system with AFS, ALS.
- J.Suckling from Sharp with his surprising laser headlamp ( communicated also by BMW).
- T. Vieregge from Hella and B.D.Vidalet from Astron with their OLED technology.
- E.O. Rosenhahn from AL presenting the active marker light coming soon in the market.
- T.Lee from Mobis on Digital Micro mirror device features.
- M.Thom from Daimler about the interesting subject of calibration during driving.
- S.Gelfi from Renault explaining how to optimise a lighting system through simulation.
- R.Neumann from Visteon about affordable headlamps followed by a spectacular video.

Posters and booths:
Very interesting booths showed the latest technologies. A large room was dedicated to posters some of which conveyed a lecture's worth of information. These are described and analysed in this report.