DVN Paris workshop Print
Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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DVN organised a workshop with almost all European car makers and tier-1 lighting suppliers.
Some DVN Gold members have regretted their absence from the intensive event, so I am glad to present today a detailed report of this workshop.

You will discover in this report the lectures presented by Dr Huhn (Audi), Benoist Fleury (Valeo), Dr Schäfer (Philips), Dr Dorissen Hella,Lex  Krzyzanoswki (LSS) and Dr Hamm (AL). You'll also find coverage of the three round table discussions on Xenon, LED and how to sell the advanced headlamps.

At the workshop, divergent opinion was apparent but there was also some consensus amongst the participants. Many questions on timing introduction of LED mass production remain without firm answers.

The four most important challenges are:

LED is the technology of the future…but when?
its introduction timing is not clear:
around five years for one group, more than 10 years for the second group?

Communication is the key point to increase take rate of Xenon then LED.

but how to do a common communication?
What kind of communication: Dealers, Video, Internet?

We have to consider the cost of the LED system with styling constraints.

but price/Timing of LED system is not clear

We have to succeed standardization but how?

on LED chip and module evolution, binning, connection, standardisation, and specifications.

For each subject and each question, you'll find not just coverage, but also comentary.
In spite of the many questions without pat answers, we present a lot of information which will help you to better know the present state of the challenges and benefits of new lighting technologies.