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Geneva Auto Show report released
Tuesday, 17 March 2009

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Automakers and design houses used the show to display more than 15 concept cars and 20 new production cars for markets round the world. These sorts of numbers are normally seen during boom times.
Of course, many of these product plans were started when times were good. The glitz of past years likely will be muted in the near future due to budget cuts. Still, the roster of vehicles is impressive, with emphasis on both performance and economy.

At a time when automakers are pulling out of auto shows, putting the very survival of the events at risk, the Geneva salon is perhaps one last display of optimism from an industry looking for any hint of good news.

The 5 main feedbacks we have to retain are:

1. Geneva 2009 focused closely on eco-friendly (“green") cars.
2. Green promotion drowns out communication on lighting and driver assistance.
3. Front and rear of the car are increasingly the main areas for styling innovation and differentiation.

4. Many interesting concept cars were shown.

5. Many interesting production cars were launched.