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Intelligent Automotive Lighting Congress
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

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About fifty experts in vehicular lighting (motor vehicle, aeronautic, and maritime) and driver/operator assistance participated in the IAL congress (Intelligent Automotive Lighting congress) which was held at Frankfurt.

Over 40 pages, Driving Vision News explains and comments on the main topics presented at this congress:

- General information on trends and influencing factors.
- Strong links among lighting, safety and styling.
- Developments in LEDs for Daytime Running Lights.
- Pedestrian detection and tracking, a most crucial technology to decrease pedestrian injuries and fatalities.
- Adaptive lighting with progress in high beam assistance.

IAL congress was not at the level of ISAL and VISION. However, DVN has selected and summarised the nine most pertinent papers, with expert’s comment of each of them:

- Frost & Sullivan on trends in Xenon/LED and opportunities in the emerging markets.
- Daytime LED lighting as brand identity.
- University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg.
- KEMA on outlook of international regulation.
- BMW and Honda on pedestrian detection.
- Hella on automotive interior lighting.
- Lumitec on Electroluminescent lighting.
- TNO on OLED development and future.

At the end of the most important presentations, DVN presents an interview with the speaker.
At the end of the report, congress chairman Alexander Von Hoffmann presents his activities and his expectations for the next IALC.