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Industry Profiles
Mercedez-Benz Profile
Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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Uwe Kostanzer :  “New technology only if it is good for the driver”

Like the two previous ones about PSA and Audi, this DVN report on “Mercedes-Benz and Lighting” focuses on the achievements and specificities of Mercedes-Benz Cars as far as lighting is concerned, and how they differentiate from their competitors in their approach to lighting and driver assistance.

Until 1990, Mercedes-Benz used to have the worst front lighting in Europe : H4 bulbs with high focal length, low level of light on the road. This was public knowledge and we could read about these lousy performances in specialized newspapers.

ZIZALA Company Profile
Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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After the company profiles of Hella, Automotive Lighting, Koito and Valeo, Driving Vision News are publishing with Zizala (ZKW) their fifth global exterior lighting supplier report. Zizala supply innovative light systems for the automotive industry. The range of activities incorporates the design and production of light systems for cars and trucks, as well as specific solutions for two-wheelers.

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