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Hella profile
Monday, 19 May 2008

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Executive summary

Hella is an independent, family owned company, which can deploy a mid-long term strategy, not focused to short term results.

The strategy is sustained by 4 pillars, Leadership in technologies and innovations, Service, Quality and cost.

Hella has a production network; steering production and R&D are in Germany. Then proven production processes are transferred to worldwide Hella facilities.

Hella prefers cooperation/joint venture to acquisition which helps product development and worldwide location for manufacturing.

PSA profile
Tuesday, 26 February 2008
Executive summary:
The author first presents the History of PSA, its Headquerters, Strategy, Finances, Engineering/Innovation, Production and Quality.
Then he describes what will become PSA key strategic supplier policy: PSA will select about 15 key strategic suppliers by the middle of 2008 as they strive to lower costs, improve quality, and streamline development processes. PSA need help from their suppliers to meet the goals of cutting purchasing cost by 6% a year, achieving high quality, boosting innovation, and cutting development times.
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