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Industry Profiles
ZIZALA Company Profile
Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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After the company profiles of Hella, Automotive Lighting, Koito and Valeo, Driving Vision News are publishing with Zizala (ZKW) their fifth global exterior lighting supplier report. Zizala supply innovative light systems for the automotive industry. The range of activities incorporates the design and production of light systems for cars and trucks, as well as specific solutions for two-wheelers.

Koito Profile Report
Tuesday, 15 December 2009

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After the company profiles of Hella, Valeo, and Automotive Lighting, Driving Vision News is publishing with Koito its fourth global exterior lighting supplier Report.

Koito is a global supplier of front and rear lighting products and considered one of the top 4 exterior lighting suppliers worldwide with Valeo, Hella and AL/Automotive lighting.
The report first presents the history of Koito, their Headquarters, Products, Business, Strategy, Finances.
Detail is provided on R&D/Technologies, Quality, Purchase and Production organization.
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