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Jaguar Land Rover Company Profile
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Building on our DVN library of automaker profiles, this report on Jaguar and Land Rover joins those covering PSA, Audi, Mercedes, BMW..

The author first presents the main figures of JLR, then developping its History, from 1922 and the birth of a Legend company, to 2017 and the Velar with Matrix and Laser beams, before explaining the strategy since the arrival of Tata.

In a second part of the report, we will be able to get all information considering sales and production.

The most important part of the report will be the design, lighting innovation, and current lighting technologies with some lighting systems presented in detail.

The author then describes how JLR styling/engineering managers are increasing perceived brand values through styling differentiation and enhanced Lighting performance. The Velar full-LED/Laser/ADB headlamp is presented and predicts the lighting strategy of JLR concerning new technologies.

Interviews and last speeches of Shammika Wickramasinghe, technical specialist for exterior lighting, responsible, which explains his vision on lighting and the design manager Adam Hatton who develops his position on styling.