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ZIZALA Company Profile
Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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After the company profiles of Hella, Automotive Lighting, Koito and Valeo, Driving Vision News are publishing with Zizala (ZKW) their fifth global exterior lighting supplier report. Zizala supply innovative light systems for the automotive industry. The range of activities incorporates the design and production of light systems for cars and trucks, as well as specific solutions for two-wheelers.

The focus of production is on front lights diverse; other vehicular lights are by no means relegated however. These are two areas of competence which demand comprehensive know-how and thus offer opportunities for further growth. ZKW is now a global supplier of front lighting products and is considered one of the leaders in high technology with AL, Hella, Koito, and Valeo. The report starts with the history of ZKW, a company which really entered the automotive lighting industry less than 30 years ago. A comprehensive description of their Headquarters, Products, Business, Strategy, Headcount and Finances follows.

The report provides details about ZKW approach of R&D/Technologies, and about their organisation concerning Quality, Purchase and Production.

In 2010, ZKW achieved a turnover of €305m, 30% over 2009. Expectations for 2011 are around the same growth rate. Details are provided on ZKW global footprint, with operations strongly centred in Austria, Slovakia, CZ Republic, India and China, Wieselburg (Austria) remaining not only the central hub of the company but also an anchor for the identity of the Zizala as a Group of companies.

The Group is fully focused on the design, production and sale of advanced components, systems and modules for cars, motorcycles, and trucks, both on the original equipment market and the aftermarket.

ZKW SWOT are presented, emphasizing a clear strategy based on their competitive advantage and strength of R&D, and their capacity to produce innovating quality equipments which allow the company to develop cutting-edge products generating higher margins. Germany represents a big part of ZKW market. Most of their customers are German car manufacturer.
That limitation does not seem to be a drawback for the company because ZKW have demonstrated their ability and willingness to follow their customers with an enlarged global footprint when required. The report closes with interviews of CEO Hubert Schuhleitner and CTO Jürgen Antonitsch explaining the enormous significance of innovation and research for the future of ZKW. The success of ZKW demonstrate that a middle size company can compete with the leading lighting suppliers provided an aggressive high tech approach is adopted.