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Ford is First With Xenon 25W: In-Depth Report PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 April 2010
Ford will be first to introduce Xenon 25W headlamps on a battery charged vehicle as unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January. This new technology is being developed with the Ford Cologne team, Visteon, and OSRAM.
This 25W mercury-free Xenon lamp doesn’t require a lens cleaning system in Europe, which saves cost, volume for the water tank, and 3 to 4 kg of weight per vehicle. The headlight system has a reduced wattage of 25W compared to 65W for halogen headlamps, reducing CO2 emissions by around 2 g / km.Moreover, the Xenon 25W lamp gives about 50% more light than halogen and a higher colour temperature of 4500K.

Here is a comparison of halogen, Xenon 35W and Xenon 25W light sources:

 Halogen Xenon 35W Xenon 25W
Nominal power of the bulb with electronics55W40W28W
Real power on the car at 13.2V130W80W 56W
Average of the real power of the car (nighttime/daytime, around 33%) 40W25W 18W
Light output1,500 Lm3,200 Lm 2,000 Lm
Colour temperature 3200K 4200K 4500K
Lifespan B3 at 14V Around 400h > 2,000h> 2,000h
Total weight of the light bulb system < 100g 4,000g 400g
According to what has been presented to DVN, the optical surfaces of the projector module for this Xenon 25 W lamp have been completely redesigned to give an extremely homogeneous illumination of the road. Added to the increased light output of low and high beams a superior driving safety is achieved at night.
  As the total system costs are lower compared to a 35W BiXenon system, we can expect in the near future a great extension of this type of system to small and medium cars. Ford also want to present to their “green”
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Editorial PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 April 2010

Last week, we published our latest in-depth technical report covering the state of the art and market in LED headlamps. We think this is probably our most significant report since our inception two years ago.
Thank you for the numerous comments DVN received. I was very surprised and pleased by your congratulations and your support but also by the critics and the suggestions which are strongly helping me.

Several critics were about missing information on optics, electronics and mainly on products in development. There are today many products from all the lighting suppliers in development but the target of DVN is not to publish confidential scoops but to publish information able to help the lighting community.

And because in the next months several new LED headlamps will be launched on the market, following your suggestions, DVN plans to publish an updated report at the end of the year.
Driving Vision works for the lighting community and can’t exist without the help of the lighting players who are in the field. Please continue to help me, giving information, non confidential information but information  which allow Driving Vision news to share with you the new technologies and to promote automotive lighting in a time when CO2 reduction interests the automotive community.
Thank you again for your communication, and from the whole DVN team to the greater lighting community, have a happy and prosperous new season!

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