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2009 : Western Europe, US Sales PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 January 2010
Western Europe's car market was at 13.63m units in 2009, 0.5% ahead of the 2008 market.
JD Power forecast a decline of 10.5% to 12.2m units in 2010.
- Germany's car market was up by 23.2% on the year to 3.8 million cars
- Strong sales continued in France with 2.26m units/year.
- An even better result was achieved in Italy as the selling rate rose to over 2.16m units/year.
- In Spain, a continuation of recent sales was achieved as the incentive continued to lift demand solidly, though from a low level
- The UK market notched up a healthy 1.99 million units selling .

JD Power note that many of the strong performers in smaller cars in 2009 will see demand for their products crumble in 2010, at least for a while. Meanwhile, large and luxury car segments look set to begin to recover from the recession slowly but steadily, as economic conditions improve.
JD Power also consider that premium car manufacturers struggled more than volume car makers in the European market last year because they were not big beneficiaries of scrappage schemes.

Small car specialists and those who have done particularly well in the scrappage-boosted markets of 2009 - such as Hyundai-Kia and Fiat - will face a much less favorable European market environment in 2010.
But the situation for some of the major volume producers - like Ford, GM, Renault, PSA and Volkswagen - is more mixed. While they have, in many cases, benefited from having small car products that have been good sellers in 2009, they also carry larger models and brands that haven't been major beneficiaries.

West Europe sales from 1988 to 2010

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Happy New Year 2010 from DVN! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 January 2010
2009 has been a rocky year for the global economy and especially for the auto industry, but it has also been a year of great innovation in the vehicle lighting and driver assistance fields.

We at DVN are sincerely convinced that thanks to high-tech digital camera systems, LEDs, and miniaturisation, good lighting is morphing into intelligent lighting, and this is something more and more consumers will be willing to pay extra for. We're looking forward to an exciting 2010, which will pave the way to the next decade.

A few tricky questions related to the take rate of safe lighting still remain pending:
-  The consumer who walks into a car showroom expects safety to be a prerequisite; he certainly doesn’t want to pay extra for it. What should car makers and dealers build into good lighting to help increasing its take rate? Will style and comfort be convincing enough?
-  Although the price of intelligent advanced lighting systems will gradually decrease, how long will it take for those technologies to be cheap enough for most cars to benefit?
-  Making some of them mandatory in the European Union could help make the technology affordable, but it still would increase the car prices in a way which could hurt unfairly car manufacturers whose customers have limited budgets.

We intend to address all these questions during this coming year and meanwhile, we wish everyone in the Driving Vision News community a happy and prosperous New Year!

Sincerely yours

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