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Saab could be missed in the automotive lighting community PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 December 2009
GM have declared Saab will be shut down and liquidated rather than sold.
The Swedish automaker is widely known for their unconventional engineering approaches and endearingly quirky designs, but before Saab's lights go out forever, it's well to mind their attention to lighting innovation over the years.

In the 1970s, Saab were early adopters of DRL (then known as "perception lights") and headlamp wipers, both of which soon became required equipment in Scandinavian countries.
Saabs were the first volume-produced cars to come equipped with side turn signal repeaters in North America, and with front cornering lamps that illuminate on both sides when the vehicle is shifted into reverse, to help the driver negotiate tight parking spaces after dark.
- Saab cooperated with Hella to provide the first commercialisation of the lighting firm's efficient new duo-focal H4 headlamp reflectors in 1986 as an upgrade accessory, and duo-focal reflectors were standard equipment on Saab 900s worldwide from 1987.
- Five years later, Saab 9000s came with advanced SC1, SC2, and SC3 Complex Surface Reflector headlamps and fog lamps from Valeo. As the state of the art of vehicular lighting advanced, Saab tended to specify high-performance lighting systems, better than just the minimum legal requirements in technology, technique, and performance.
- In 2009 at Frankfurt motor show, Saab presented their 9.5 second generation with AFS/BiXenon Smart Beam and innovative light guides in front and rear lights.

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China-Fascinating Country with Business Opportunities in Automotive Lighting PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 December 2009
When you travel to China, and watch especially the big cities, you can notice how fast things are changing.
I have experienced this tremendous effect in the last five years. China is despite the financial crisis still a growing country in economy.
People in China are very active, they are very much interested in to learn and to apply this knowledge to their further improvements. Although they have achieved a lot in the past they are always friendly, polite and open minded.
Something which we can learn from the Chinese!
Lighting is a big topic in China. Street lighting, illuminated buildings and advertisement are everywhere and LED light sources are very much appreciated.
In Automotive Lighting, the Chinese are also very much interested in LED applications. Some of the European cars produced in China do have LED Rear Lamps , where the original cars in Europe are equipped with tungsten halogen light sources. Even a rear fog lamp with LED’s can be noticed.
Only the bicycles still do not have lights!

In the future, more and more vehicles will be designed according to the Chinese requirements and demands. The phase of recording and copying will turn into individual Chinese design. The European Automotive Lighting industry has to be prepared for this phase in order to be competitive in the future.

As the year 2009 is ending soon, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the Lighting family over the Globe.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Let’s move forward, there is a lot what we can do!

Dr. Rainer Neumann
Director Lighting, Global Business Development
Visteon Corporation

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