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Interview with AL’ Michael Hamm PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 January 2010
“AL will be able to deliver any LED headlamps from city cars to luxury car.”
After studying Physics, Michael Hamm joined the Darmstadt Institute for Lighting Technology, making research in Vehicle Lighting and Human Factors.
He joined Bosch Lighting Division in 1996.
After being section manager for Advanced Development, in 1998, he took the responsibility for R&D Lighting Technology in Automotive Lighting.
In his current position at AL, he is responsible for Lighting Development Dept. ,
Innovation Dept. and Technical Marketing.

DVN : Let us start with LED technology. Automotive Lighting were the first to develop and produce Full LED with a lot of innovations and new concepts. What is your feedback on the new Audi A8 headlamp from Hella, considering styling and performances?
Michael Hamm:
I had no product to benchmark. The only information I have, comes out of publications. My first feedback is that the LED A8 headlamp transports the very strong message of new possibilities on styling.
About A8 lighting innovations, the mechanical adjustment and the multitude of contributing elements might have been quite difficult.
Due to that, if I compare with the R8, the new A8 headlamp seems bearing new and different challenges. R8 was also one-of-a-kind, dominated by using at the beginning unexplored technologies, extreme time pressure, a strange and complex design with an existing outer lens and environment without chance to have more space in any area.
Finally: Sincere congratulations to Hella and Audi for this excellent job which shows the progress of high technology in exciting headlamps. Chapeau.

DVN: Koito is optimizing its LED concept by reducing from “3 projectors and 1 reflector” to “2 projectors and one reflector”. Do you believe in this concept for the future?
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2010 DVN Reports PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 January 2010
Since the launch of DVN on 1 April 2008, DVN has published around 30 reports. We've done company profiles:
PSA, Hella, Audi, AL Automotive Lighting, Valeo, and Koito.
We've covered most of the significant motorshows:
Detroit, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo.
We've reported in depth on the main technical congresses and conferences in our field:
ISAL, VISION, SAE, and Intelligent Lighting.
We've done detailed evaluations on technology and technique:
DRLs and signal lamps as brand signature, lighting's contribution to safety, and Interior lighting.
We've provided detailed analysis of:
Regulations, Universities and lighting, Headlamp aim and bulb replacement ease, and we've put a magnifying glass to the lighting systems on particular cars like the BMW 7er.

With the experience of the last 18 months under our belts, we're preparing very interesting content for 2010 with the target of publishing 15 to 20 reports.
In Q1: New Audi A8, Detroit and Geneva auto shows, LED headlamps.
In Q2: Xenon 25W, SAE congress, Adaptive lighting, Projector systems.
In Q3: Contribution of headlamps to pedestrian protection, China market related to lighting, Lighting community players, Mercedes profile.
In Q4: Trend in rear lighting, ZKW profile, Sensors and actuators, India market related to lighting, Simulations in lighting.

We need your feedback, please! Tell us your level of interest in these topics.
DVN is done for you, for the 2,000 engineers and specialists who receive every week DVN newsbriefs.

Thank you for your help. I am sure that together we are promoting lighting technologies around us. Many things have to be done. We're glad you're with us!

Sincerely yours

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