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Hector's Back! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 March 2019

As most of you know, I slipped on some ice and fell hard to the pavement early on the 2nd morning of the DVN US Workshop in Rochester, Michigan. I spent a month in hospital in Detroit, then another month in hospital in France, and after two weeks' recuperation at home, I am very happy to now assume the driving seat again and rejoin the vehicle lighting and vision community.

I thank all my friends who asked after my health and recovery, and who helped in making the newsletters; I was not able to keep up with mail for a month, but once I was up to it, what a great pleasure it was to discover so many friends sharing their wishes of good recovery.

I also thank the DVN team—Salomon Berner, Jean-Paul Ravier, Daniel Stern, Carine Abouaf, Catherine Erder, Patrice Minol, and all the others—for taking on extra work to make sure DVN services and output carried on without interruption. Through their effort and the generosity of those who contributed guest editorials, we have been able to continue the unbroken success in meeting our consistent targets:
• Weekly newsletters, like the 585 already published
• Monthly reports like the 135 already published; today the Geneva auto show report goes live, along with this week's in-depth look at takeaways from that show, and in the coming months you'll have a VW profile and a report on material technologies
• An active schedule of Workshops—the next one is in Shanghai—to improve the lighting community. We're also working to better integrate lidar technologies, with increased relevant content in the newsletters and topical events like last year's DVN Lidar Workshop in Frankfurt.

There is always room for improvement in DVN, and we're working on some interesting proposals; watch for them soon.
It's great to be back!

Sincerely yours

DVN President


In depth...

Geneva Motor Show: Five Takeaway Points PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 March 2019

The Geneva International Motor Show, unlike the big auto shows in Detroit and Los Angeles two months ago, had a great many concept cars on display. On top of that, the pre-production prototypes and newly-unveiled production cars are themselves dream cars, bristling with levels of technology and capability well outside yesterday's bounds of practicability. This year's show was set in motion by the Car of the Year award, won by the Jaguar I-Pace.

Overall, we retain six salient points from the show:

  • Electrification is really gaining traction. Many electric cars and production-plausible EV studies.
  • he world of hypercars now includes newcomers from China and Russia.
  • Use of lighting for brand and model-range identity is going from strong to stronger.
  • Front and rear lamps are growing thinner and thinner and thinner.
  • There is no end in sight to the innovation in lights all over the car.
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