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First Lidar Conference A Grand Success and Exceptional Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 November 2018

When I prepared the first DVN Lidar Conference, I wasn't sure there would be as much interest in this specialised topic, compared to the DVN Workshops that always fill to capacity. So I was seeking a hotel for around 100 or 120 people. Turns out I should have been more optimistic; immediately upon announcement, people began snapping up seats at such a pace that we had to stop registrations a month before the conference; even so, almost 200 people were present.
So I must apolologise to those we had to turn away, and also to the attendees crowded at the back of the room—we'll make sure to have more space next time!

Why such a success? I think because the lidar conference increases and expands reciprocal knowledge of lidar and lighting technologies and techniques, and brings the lidar and lighting worlds together to get to know one another. I am now convinced that integration of lidar in the headlamp makes sense, but there are still some challenges: high temperature inside the headlamp; dirt, condensation, and ice, and volume required by lidar components versus shrinking packaging allowances for headlamps.
At the end of the conference, I was proud of the lidar and lighting community members now talking and listening with one another, most of them having not met before the conference—even those who work in the lidar and lighting departments of the same company. I am sure we will soon see lidar integration in lights first in concept cars and then in production cars.

This week we bring you, in this exceptional newsletter, a detailed summary of the lidar conference. We've posted lecture slides, photos, and videos from the event on the DVN website.

On other matters: DVN Workshop seats always fill up fast, and the upcoming US Workshop in Rochester is no exception. You'll want to register if you haven't already done so. 

See you there!

Sincerely yours

DVN President


In depth...

Lidar Conference: Spotlight on Integration PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 November 2018

Continental, Valeo, Velodyne, Innoviz, LeddarTech, Ouster, Infineon, Jenoptik , Fraunhofer IMS, Osram Opto Semiconductors as lidar players, OEMs Ford, Renault, PSA, lighting players Hella, Valeo, Koito, ZKW, and VEDECOM, Optis, Yole developpement made a lecture at the DVN Conference on lidar which was held last week in Frankfort.


Continental's Heiko Leppin started explaining the principle of lidar:
It sends out light, detects returned reflection, and calculates distance from the measured delay. methods to detect the time of flight (ToF) include: Trigger on level, Sample amplitude, Measure phase, Measure varying polarisation, and Measure varying carrier frequency (FMCW).

Two of the three key components to a lidar are lasers and beam steering apparatus.
Lasers come in a variety of configurations. First, there are edge-emitting diodes. These have a horizontal cavity. The faces have to be coated after cleaving. The long cavity length means high power, and the stripe shape gives an oval light profile.

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