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VISION Report Published, More Coming Soon (and Sooner) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 December 2018

Today we've published our DVN Report on the VISION Congress 2018. It's well worth your perusal, especially if you couldn't make it to the event itself (or would like to augment the notes you took while there); its detailed coverage includes summaries and commentary on the lectures and presentations—including the top five talks as chosen by attendee vote:

  • An OLED Taillight Revolution by Audi's chief tail light developer Michael Kruppa
  • Full LED Headlamp Gen 3 by Paul-Henri Matha, who is now at Volvo Cars
  • Active Moisture Removal by Hassan Koulouh and Ulrike Geissler
  • New Systems Improvement with High Resolution by AL's Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn
  • Automated Vehicle Lighting from Lumileds' Helmut Tiesler-Wittig

There's also a full list of the 31 demonstrator cars used in the nighttime ride-and-drive sessions at Mortefontaine, showing the latest technologies in lighting, ADAS, and automation.The VISION Congress emphasised the great future of automotive lighting, then the DVN Lidar Conference showed how a new lever exists to increase the lighting business. We're busily working to bring you the next reports—watch for forthcoming DVN coverage of the Los Angeles Auto Show, the DVN US Workshop, and the Consumer Electronics Show. We're constantly working to improve the content of our Reports, and to bring them to you as soon as practicable after the events they illustrate.

See, next, an important information from GTB President Geoff Draper, on the GTB Lisbon Accord, and on the minutes of the meeting of the Technical Steering Committee (Chairs and Secretaries of the GTB Working Groups).

Speaking of the DVN US Workshop in Rochester, Michigan: it'll be here before you know it. Last week we published the agenda. DVN Workshop seats always fill up fast, and that's happening again, so you'll want to register if you haven't already done so.

See you there!

Sincerely yours

DVN President


In depth...

Historic Week in Lisbon for GTB: The “GTB Lisbon Accord” PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 December 2018

Special report from Geoff Draper – GTB President

Last week, 26-30 November, GTB held its 126th plenary session in Lisbon (Portugal) with meetings of its General Assembly, Technical Steering Committee, Committee of Experts and its Working Groups. Portugal, along with Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland, was one of the nine European countries that founded GTB and held the first meeting from 5-10 May 1952 in Brussels. Last week, 66 years later, The GTB General Assembly approved a historical restructuring proposal that introduces a full time Secretary General to be based in new independent headquarters in Torino (Italy) with a strengthened secretariat. I believe that it is appropriate to describe this as the "GTB LISBON ACCORD" as the fourth significant event in the history of GTB after it's founding in 1952, its transformation into a legal association in 2011 and the granting of its special consultative status with ECOSOC, the UN Economic and Social Council in 2014.

Following the decision of the GTB General Assembly I am pleased to announce that Davide Puglisi, who has been doing tremendous work as GTB Executive Secretary since 2004, will take up the full-time career position of GTB Secretary General from 01 January 2019. He will be responsible for the management of all aspects of GTB. I know that Davide will make a significant contribution to the future success of GTB as it continues to evolve to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing global regulatory world.

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