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Regulations Report Goes Live PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 June 2019

This week, we release our newest DVN Report on the state of evolution in vehicle lighting regulations around the world. This new report looks at actual, ongoing, and forecast changes in regulatory attitude and practice, what differentiates harmonisation from standardisation and synchronisation. We focus on the main issues facing global harmonisation and synchronisation of the technical requirements, and detail changes underway in UNECE, EU, Chinese, Korean, and American contexts and introduces new topics such as the lighting requirements for AVs.

Regulation used to be something of a bland background topic to check off the list, but now it is a much higher priority for development engineers who understand the importance of removing barriers to innovation.

Around the world, attitudes are changing toward regulation and standardisation, but the path between better regulatory ideas and better regulations in force is an uphill climb; there is a clear distinction between the development of global technical requirements and the politics of how they can be implemented into national regulation. It is important to understand the implications and the actions that industry needs to implement if we are to avoid barriers to beneficial innovation. Download your copy of the report today.

In this week's news, we bring an in-depth look at EcoMotion, Israeli event which brings together young and experienced entrepreneurs, technology-orientated people, academic researchers, and practitioners. We've got an interview with the executive director of the event, and a list of interesting startups I met during this event.

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70 Startups Show ADAS, AV Innovations at EcoMotion PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 June 2019

EcoMotion provides a support platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and collaboration for the smart transportation sector. It is a joint effort of the Israel Innovation Institute, the Ministry of Economy, and the Israeli Automotive and High-Tech industry, and is equivalent of a small CES in America or VivaTech in France.

EcoMotion brings together young and experienced entrepreneurs, market leaders, international and local industry companies, technology-orientated people and practitioners, policy makers, academic researchers and investors. It is a dynamic community with more than 5,000 members and over 600 startups. This year's multi-day event was dedicated to innovation in smart mobility and three mobility-related revolutions: electrification, autonomous driving, and digital mobility services.

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