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DVN Report on Lighting's Future Goes Live PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 July 2019

There's a great deal of public buzz about current and looming changes in the automotive industry with the arrival of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and vehicle communication to other vehicles, drivers, road users and infrastructure.
Listening to opinions in the vehicle lighting community, DVN explored the influences of these new factors on exterior lighting in order to provide guidance for the lighting community to successfully negotiate the transition into the next decade.

Two years ago, DVN led a study using an array of tools in carrying out this guidance:
Taking the information of the study and adding new information from these two last years, the report provides a solid basis to define the strategy and path to success within the specifics of your business area for the coming decade. Trends and plausible scenarios have been identified, both in society and in the automotive industry: urbanisation and mega cities, the sharing economy including car- and ride-sharing, environmental protectionand sustainability, ageing population, ADAS, AVs, and EVs, digitalisation, communication, AI, and the zero-crash/zero-fatalities drive.
There will be an indefinitely long period during which human-driven, semi-autonomous, and AVs will share the world's roadways. The basic see-and-be-seen functions will be joined by an element of sophisticated communications surpassing that of today's vehicle lighting systems. The report is now available for DVN Gold Members to download; in the meantime, this week we bring you a summary of some of the report's important conclusions.

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Takeaways from DVN's New Report PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 July 2019

Four market trends have been identified:

1. ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam, also called glare-free high beam)
We predict that ADB prevalence will grow from 1% in 2016 to 15% by 2025, assuming worldwide regulatory acceptance. There will be de luxe high-end systems and entry-level basic applications. ADB offers great benefits in safety and convenience for many driving conditions; however, to bolster ADB uptake and prevalence, additional work must be done to identify and create additional user benefits for use in mega-cities where traffic flows at speeds below the activation threshold for many of today's systems.

2. Communication functions
Exterior lighting is moving from the basic functions to the level of being a major safety communication tool. New communication with light will provide additional safety and convenience. Road projections, animations, and pictograms will play an important role in how to communicate. This kind of new communication will be one of the most important areas contributing to the growth of vehicular lighting in the next decade.

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