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BMW New Interior Light Architecture PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 December 2009
Inspired by the use and presentation of light in interior architecture, specialists at the BMW Group have revised and updated the complete interior in terms of light technology. An important source of inspiration in this context was the BMW Group’s cooperation with a strong partner company working so far only in architecture: Bartenbach Lichtlabor. The result is a brand-new world of experience in the automobile.

“The new light concept opens up brand-new design options and ideas in highlighting and accentuating the interior.”
(Hans-Peter Bailer, High-Value Design Project)

To create an emotional setting as a genuine experience, the BMW Group’s current Light Research Project covers a much wider range of design and features than in the past. The objective is to create and enhance an individual and harmonious cocoon of light within the car, leading to a brand-new concept inspired by interior architecture.

“The welcome scenario “–(Jan Seeburg,
responsible for interior space design)

The new light concept: welcoming and pleasant for the eyes:
This new light concept is astounding in its effect even from outside. Opening the car by remote control, the driver and passengers experience a welcome scenario with a stimulating feeling of generosity right from the start through the windows.

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DVN Beta Website Now Showing! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 November 2009
This week, Driving Vision News is pleased to announce the beta version of our new website, opening December 1st 2009. The new website responds to the chief wants and needs of our members with a freshly updated look and feel, plenty of illustrations, and an all-new interface and architecture for a superior user experience. There’s easier access to reports and archived news. And there’s even more to come; we’ll offer DVN members a library of automotive reference documents which will not merely duplicate other libraries but rather assemble relevant lighting test results, reports, and outstanding publications from universities and labs.

Now that DVN has reached such a large professional community, with more than 8000 professional visitors/month, we will allow our Gold members, as a free service, to take advantage of this worldwide forum to present their company profile as well as their products & services. This will be done through a special platform opening on our new website starting January 2010. Our idea is to create some intimacy between members and promote contact and communication. We hope especially Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers will avail themselves of this unique opportunity to present their technologies and their latest innovative products and services.

Please take a look round the beta website and let us know your comments and thoughts!

Sincerely yours

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