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Interview with Jürgen Antonitsch, CTO of ZKW Group PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 February 2010
“We have to focus on LED applications and Xenon based intelligent light solutions.”

ZKW, Zizala Lichtsysteme Gmbh, produce lamps for the automotive industry.
They offer complex-reflector and projector-type headlamps and fog lamps, lens-flare headlights, side lights, interior lights, and direction indicator lamps. The company was founded in 1938 and is based in Wieselburg, Austria.

Driving Vision News : Jürgen, you have been involved in lighting for several years. What is now your function inside ZKW? Can you tell us more about you, your education and your career?
Jürgen Antonitsch:
I am part of the automotive game since 1992 and now CTO, Chief Technical Officer of the ZKW Group, responsible for all development sites in the group. After finishing my engineering degree I went to Zumtobel lighting for a couple of years. Then I started at ZKW in Wieselburg as an optical engineer and had the chance to set up the whole R&D area from the very beginning. In parallel I went to St. Gallen to enhance my economic and management skills.

DVN: ZKW company is growing within the automotive market but deserves to be better known. Could you introduce your company to Driving Vision News readers regarding products, sales, and employees?
ZKW is still a small player compared to our competitors. But we are focusing on premium forward lighting products. We also have been influenced by the global downturn in 2009 but ZKW was in the position to launch several new products which brought us up close to €200m. The whole Group employs around 2100 people.
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V.I.S.I.O.N. Congress: Still 10 Days to Submit a Paper PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 February 2010
Building on the four successful VISION Congresses held since 2002, SIA—the French Society of Automotive Engineers—will host the 5th iteration of this automotive lighting and driver assistance symposium and expo at Versailles on 6 and 7 October 2010, during the Paris Mondial Auto Show.
A large area is reserved to welcome the exhibition emphasising recent innovations. The night drive tests for which VISION is well known will be held at Satory, close to the congress. More than 250 attendees are expected.

VISION 2008 congress was an important success with 230 participants, 32 presentations chaired by top experts in the field, and illustrative night-drive tests on a closed race track in rain that could have been made to order just for the occasion.

As a member of the organization committee for VISION conference to be held in Versailles, France October 6-7, 2010, I would like to urge you to consider submitting a paper for publication at the conference.
Abstracts are due February 26.
In addition to the conference, an exhibition and night drive tests with prototype vehicles will be carried out to demonstrate many recent innovations in lighting and detection systems.
More information can be had from Emilie Bonnet, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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