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SAE World Congress Boosts Hopes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 April 2010
After a devastating 2009, in which hundreds of auto engineers lost their jobs at automakers and suppliers, 2010 is showing some signs of hope.

The Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor predicts the auto industry will add 100,000 jobs annually in 2011, 2012 and 2013, including many thousands in engineering. "The job prospects for auto engineers have improved dramatically over a year ago," said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research. "Green technologies will spark a higher demand for engineering talent

Lighting technical papers were in general rather sparse, even more so than last year which itself was a very bad year. Nevertheless, we noticed the high presence of US engineers, many of them standing in packed conference rooms and showing their involvement through their numerous questions. We also noticed that the understanding that lighting and safety are linked is finally surfacing in North America.

I think, after the dramatic crisis, the US lighting industry is back. The new lighting technologies and mainly LEDs are boosting the badly affected US lighting industry and we can expect much nice progress and innovation from North America. Consumption reduction is one of the priorities of the automotive industry, and LED technologies can help to achieve targets.
I must say, during my week-long stay in the US, I drove more than 1,000 miles by night, driving from Detroit to Indianapolis and then to Cleveland. After this trip, I better understand why bending lights have no chance to succeed in the US but I also can't understand why HID and highway beams have no success, and why NHTSA do not react to decrease glare.

About lighting lectures
Several presentations raised my interest in spite of the lack of real new information.
I loved the lecture of Rainer Neumann and its smiling prototype, I loved the lecture of J.S. Straetmans from Philips about 25W Xenon, I liked the two lectures of John Bullough who is promoting very hard the need for improvement in US lighting, and Larry Rice's lecture from Osram, one of the best experts in car lighting in the US.
I was surprised by the lack of papers from UMTRI and from the US lighting industry in general. You will discover all the details of these lectures next week in our detailed DVN report on the SAE Congress.

Expo: a big disappointment
Yes, a very big disappointment about the exhibition area. It was very small area and there were no lighting or driver assistance booths. I was very sad to see so weak an exhibition area in comparison with what I had been seeing 10 years ago with most American, European, and Japanese lighting suppliers showing off their innovations and providing information and promotional prizes. This lack was

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Editorial PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 April 2010
I will be attending SAE 2010 World Congress at Cobo, Detroit, starting today on April 13th and even if there are fewer exhibitors and lectures than last year, the SAE organisers predict a stronger focus on innovation.
Lighting lectures will be focused in 2 sessions on Tuesday April 13.
I’m expecting nice papers.  
I have selected five very interesting lectures, based on the subject and the speaker:  

Photometric Measurements of Headlamps Exposed to Dirt from TUD Darmstadt
I personally followed this study and was deeply impressed by the job done in the field and its high level of accuracy.  

Xenon 25W from Philips
Xenon 25 W is one of the most important current innovations and we are all excited to hear the news from Philips.

Real-World Measurement of Headlamp illumination from LRC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
I have heard many lectures of John Bullough, every time with a great interest.

Headlight with Single LED Module from Osram Sylvania:
LED is the innovation of these last 5 years and we expect interesting information on it  

Tri-Functional Headlamp System with Low Power Consumption from Visteon:
Rainer Neumann is one among the few experts I know whose lectures always deliver a pleasant technical surprise with a lot of charisma.

DVN will publish a detailed report of this SAE 2010 World Congress on Tuesday, April 27. It will not only comment the most interesting lectures but also highlight the outstanding features exhibited in the booth area by Tier 1 and Tier 2 lighting suppliers.


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