I apologise to all who felt excluded of Paris DVN workshop Print
Monday, 17 May 2010
In my editorial last week, I presented the first thoughts on the Paris DVN workshop.
Several Gold members of Driving Vision News have asked me why they were not invited to this interesting workshop. The main reason was that it is not a congress but a meeting with restricted participation in order to have a deep discussion among the attendees, all experts on headlighting.
So, I decided to only invite the European carmakers and tier-1 lighting suppliers and the worldwide light source suppliers which are totally involved in the subject of this workshop.

I apologise to all who felt excluded, and I have a proposal: I will organise another workshop with tier-1 and tier-2 lighting suppliers as well as institutes, universities and labs.
After the Paris DVN workshop, much information has to be transmitted to these companies and I am sure they will be able to help a lot, bringing tools to the enormous new technologies and lighting functions arriving in the market.

After the summer holidays, I will join all of you to prepare this new workshop which will be held at the east of France or in Germany. From now, if you have ideas, please do not hesitate to send me them in order to achieve a workshop at the same quality as the Paris workshop. I will publish a special report of Paris DVN workshop with the lectures and the results of the round tables; you will soon receive information as though you had been at the meeting.

Together, we're bolstering the communication and interaction within our community. Let's keep at it—together!

Sincerely yours 

DVN, General editor