New DVN In-Depth Report Released: LED Headlamps Print
Monday, 29 March 2010
Driving Vision News announces this week our latest detailed technical report, on the state of the art and market in LED Headlamps. I’m especially proud of this report because it is a synthesis of the very last status of the art and trends as they appear not only to me but also in the eyes of the best world known experts in this field. LEDs are appealing and key to the future of front lighting.

The report has been put together with the latest technical information available from our members who are at the leading edge of LED technology and technique. The state of the art is highlighted with the numerous advantages of LEDs over traditional light sources but also the specific related challenges. There are more than 150 illustrations, curves, plots, and data sheets to present comprehensively useful information about LEDs in their newest automotive application.

We have worked hard to make this report a reference standard for our professional community of car makers, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, and research groups. It assembles all needed strategic information on technology, luminous performances, and market prices with a vision of the future of LEDs extrapolated towards 2015 and 2020, and compared with Xenon and Halogen light sources.

After describing in the first part the technologies involved in the latest LED headlamps, this report covers in its second part the offer and market strategies of the main leading global automotive LED suppliers. In its third part, detailed illustrations and comments are given on 10 LED headlamps equipping production car models as well as two modular universal-fitment LED headlamps, with detailed description of where the progress is most prominent. To point the way forward and spark the imagination, we present more than 20 concept car models featuring LED lighting.

The benefits and weaknesses of LED headlamps are discussed, and we offer a roadmap of LED headlamp development and evolution. Finally, the future of LED headlamps is described as seen through the eyes of this author and—in my faithful opinion—through the eyes of some of the best automotive lighting experts in the world. We eagerly and earnestly await your feedback!

Hector Fratty
General Editor