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Audi A8 Lighting & DA Tech Report Released PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 February 2010
Dear colleagues,

Two weeks after the publication of our comprehensive lighting analysis of the cars on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we now present a report totally focused on the Audi A8. Flagship of the VW Group range, the new 2010 A8 bristles with interesting and technically novel Lighting and Driver Assistance system innovations for safety, comfort and styling.

The Lighting systems featured in the A8 include:
-    Front lighting: the A8's new full-LED headlamps herald a new chapter in lighting technology with Xenon as standard, and either adaptive or LED lighting available as an option.
-    Rear lighting: very homogenous innovative lighting effect is obtained by 72 LEDs for each unit.
-    Interior lighting: dynamic functions, brightnesses and colours change in relationship with the environment and the driver's whim.

The Driver Assistance systems featured in the A8 include:
-    Audi Pre Sense
-    Adaptive Cruise Control
-    Lane Assist
-    Side Assist or Lane Departure Warning
-    Parking Assist
-    Speed Limit Recognition  
-    Night Vision

This report presents all these features in full details and includes an interview with Wolfgang Huhn, general manager lighting and vision systems.
It is certainly to be hoped that the substantial progress in DA shown on A8's premium car will quickly and efficiently filter down to less costly cars.

Sincerely yours

Hector Fratty,
DVN Editor


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