Editorial by Wolfgang Huhn, Audi, for 100th DVN newsletter Print
Monday, 23 November 2009
Dear reader,

Today we all send our congratulations to the DVN team for the 100th newsletter!

Other centenaries are celebrated this year by Borussia Dortmund, the Driving Licence, the Paris Air Show and Audi. DVN obviously is mixed in the best society.

By the way, did YOU expect 100 newsletters?
In a continuous row? Honestly?
Yes, of course I did – after a while.

I deeply admire Hector Fratty's work. His enthusiasm and staying power. His will to bring the lighting community closer together. And his success in doing this. Thank you, Hector.

What about the next 100 newsletters? Where is our future? And where is our future money? We all run a risk these days that complete company budget goes into CO2 reducing technologies. We have some CO2 relevance by electrical power consumption, but not in the Euro NCAP test cycle. We have some potential in weight reduction, but not substantially.

I am fully convinced that our money is in the car customer´s budget. We need to make most desirous headlamps and tail lamps. If the lamps are one (ok, not the only one) reason to decide for a specific car we have done a good job together with our designers. The latest safety functions and a good light distribution are more than essential. To be absolutely clear: We have the responsibility for the life of our clients while they are driving at night. But the wallet opens easier by the heart than the brain.

Wolfgang Huhn
Audi General Manager Lighting and Vision systems