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ISAL 2009: Coming Right Up PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 September 2009
Researchers, engineers, practitioners, and experts of the world’s lighting community will meet on 28-30 September in Darmstadt at the biennial International Symposium on Automotive Lighting. This is one of our industry’s primary Europe-based forums to describe, demonstrate, and discuss our latest concepts, techniques, and studies.

To attend ISAL is to seize the opportunity to keep up with the rapid and accelerating pace of innovation and technological evolution in the field. Of course the proceedings and papers can be purchased for remote reading, but there’s no substitute for the real-time interpersonal contact and live demonstrations available only by attending. Having scrutinized ISAL registrations, we’re anticipating robust attendance from around the world, even if French companies presence is for the moment beeing lower than expected, considering their competitive position.

Now more than ever, there are three primary factors driving lighting development:
• Styling and design are commanding more and more influence and becoming top priorities for automakers.
• Efficiency and low power consumption are high priorities for automakers looking to reduce their cars’ CO2 production.
• Lighting performance used to be the main driver, but it seems now to be taking something of a back seat to design and efficiency. Awareness of the need for good and steadily-improving safety performance is unfortunately decreasing; current halogen performance is being considered adequate by automakers despite being relatively low. New technology (Xenon, AFS, adaptive lighting…) are available now which will save lives, but only in proportion to these technologies’ market penetration; if high-performance lighting is limited to demonstrations at technical conferences and a few high-cost cars, their safety performance benefit will be inaccessible and few lives will be saved.

Watch for our new report “Lighting and Safety” to be released on 22 September. It presents and analyses the safety performance and potential of current and future lighting technology.

See you at ISAL!

Sincerely yours


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