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Sunday, 04 August 2019

With weekly Newsletters and monthly Reports, we at DVN work hard to keep you well informed with news and analysis of what's going on in the world of driver and vehicle lighting and vision. We're reasonably sure most of you—the 1,000 Gold members—find our efforts worthy. We hear from you find DVN publications interesting and pleasurable to read, and some of you have told us you block out a chunk of time on Tuesday (or Wednesday, for our Chinese readers) specifically to read the Driving Vision News. Of course, we're very pleased to hear it!

Nevertheless, we'll be so much better able to meet your needs and wants when you will please give us some guidance by sharing your thoughts more specifically, because we don't get much in the way of detailed feedback from you. We'd love to have your suggestions and feedback to improve the value we deliver to you. It needn't be very complicated or time-consuming; just basic stuff: when you read the Newsletter any given week, or you read a Report, what do you find useful (or useless) about it? What do you think of the analysis; did you find yourself agreeing, or saying "Hey, now wait just a minute...!", or did you wish for more information or a different perspective?

Here we are at the cusp of Summer holidays, in countries where that's a thing. May we trouble you to please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and share your thoughts? Your input, which we will keep confidential, guides our work and increases the value and utility you get from DVN.

Meanwhile, this week's Newsletter includes detail on DVN achievements of the first semester. A lot of works done!

Sincerely yours,

DVN President


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