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Monday, 08 July 2019

As you might know, Driving Vision News has branched into a second activity channel, called DVN-I, for DVN Interior. Philippe Aumont, one of the best experts in the auto interior field, is in charge. Five newsletters are already published—they come twice a month, for now—and just shortly ago the first DVN-I Report went live, on the automotive interior shows and conferences in the first half of 2019. It presents a well-rounded picture of auto interior trends.

For vehicle lighting experts, it is interesting to discover the wide array of products that can be bought today, through to exotic previews of what transport might look like in the near and far future. Five major shows are covered in the report. The main takeaway points concerning vehicle interior is:

  • In Las-Vegas at CES, how car interiors will change within the context of connected and autonomous vehicles, with occupants unleashed from the driving task and able to do more or less whatever else they want;
  • in Geneva it was a focus on rational, "now" responses to "now" problems, chiefly alternatives to burning oil;
  • in Shanghai, for EVs and any kind of SUVs we see bigger displays, voice and gesture controls, alerts, audio, lighting, new ambiance, occupant monitoring, comfort, really a fountain of features;
  • in New York, vehicles presented for the WardsAuto 10 Best Interior award reflected an industry incrementally integrating technologies and design elements of the future, and
  • in Stuttgart, the most prominently visible trends are in interior lighting and cockpit personalisation technology.

DVN-I will always work to link the automotive market, new technology, and new mobility services to present and explain relevance in the car interior realm. Technology and services are serving an occupant experience, and that's where interior and mobility overlap. Mobility service providers will of course brand and promote their services, not least by creating a unique customer experience—from ordering with a click, to relaxing into a mobility tool. Here again, the interior is a major pillar of this experience, so new mobility will drive new interiors, and vice versa.
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We've got an excerpt from that report here in this week's DVN, so take a look! Happy reading, and please recommend DVN-I to your interior colleagues.

Sincerely yours,

DVN President


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