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Monday, 13 May 2019

Twelve years on from the beginning, DVN has grown to be a real community and nexus of pertinent information and productive contacts, serving the vehicle lighting and vision world with weekly news, monthly Reports, and semiannual Workshops all over the world. The DVN Shanghai Workshop just past is the latest example of DVN's success. If you weren't there—or if you were, and would like to review—have a look at its page on the DVN website; you'll find pictures, lecture slides, and videos in English and Chinese for the lectures presented.

And now, after half a year's dilligent work, we're ready to expand in an exciting new direction as we launch DVN-Interior with the aim of organising and serving the vehicle interior community in much the same way as we do for the lighting and vision community. DVN-I Newsletters and Reports are geared to the needs and wants of automakers, interior system and component suppliers, and researchers of every stripe. The subject matter mix includes cabin and cockpit, controls and displays, seats, doors, trim, floors, overheads, steering wheels, centre stacks, and materials.
DVN-I evaluation and analysis will contribute toward mobility, interior design, real and perceived quality, safety, health, wellbeing, comfort; HMI, thermics, NVH, acoustics, audiovisuals, haptics, and the whole constellation of the vehicle-occupant interface.

As we did with DVN, we're launching DVN-I at a sensibly prudent pace: for starters there will be a DVN-I newsletter every two weeks, a DVN-I Report every quarter, and one DVN-I Workshop per year. Philippe Aumont, one of the greatest experts in vehicle interiors, graciously accepted to head up this new activity, and I'm most grateful to him for it.

I thank the entire DVN community of Gold members, readers, speakers, and exhibitors and all the worldwide members of the DVN team; I have learnt a great deal from their active participation and suggestions.

Back to the lighting and vision realm: this week, along with the usual mix of news and views, you'll find an exclusive interview with Claude Cham, the new president of a French professional organisation for the interests of automotive equipment companies. His thoughts will be fruitful for all the automotive suppliers.

Sincerely yours,

DVN President


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