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Monday, 06 May 2019

In today's newsletter, you will find—as usual—up-to-date information relevant to the lighting community.
But you will also get a whole lot more:

  • The report of the Shanghai auto show with information and pictures of the new models with a zoom in on the Chinese market (find a summary of the report here in today's newsletter). Two senior experts wrote the report, Kamislav Fadel and Jean-Paul Ravier, who have each more than 30 years experience in vehicle lighting;
  • Most of the slides presented at the DVN Shanghai Workshop held less than two weeks ago;
  • For the first time, video in English and Chinese of most of the lectures for those attendees who might have missed some lectures and for DVN Gold members who were not able to attend the workshop. Use your headset to choose your language: Chinese on the right side, English on the left.
  • Pictures of the exhibitions, speakers, attendees, and the networking of the Workshop;

This week's DA information focuses on lidar, which is becoming more and more important for ADAS, AV, and lighting.

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