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Monday, 01 April 2019

The whole automotive industry is currently in turbulent, transformative times with huge technical changes like quick evolution towards electric motorisation, diverse forms of connectivity, and the seductive and complex autonomous cars. And in parallel, we're seeing big changes in how cars are used and owned (or subscribed to) by drivers in big cities, as well as strong incursion in developing countries.

All car makers are putting a lot of money and resources toward these new challenges, recruiting thousands of engineers to realise the mobility concepts of tomorrow. Among them, Volkswagen stand out for the strength and high profile of their activities—targeting, for instance, to invest €30bn over the next four years in electric cars while applying their strong productivity plan. After the diesel emissions scandal that mired the company, we now have the perception that VW's new management have acted decisively to reshape Volkswagen to be ready for this unfolding future, as emblematised by the title of their latest annual report: "Full Speed Ahead to the Future".

After a visit with the Volkswagen lighting team managed by Ricardo Plöger, we had a similar perception of movement ahead, a movement that can be summarised in two words: innovation and democratisation. The innovation team led by Mathias Thamm showed us very interesting solutions for the future of lighting, including high-definition pixel lighting for the front and matrix rear lights. During the interview—included in this week's newsletter—Plöger emphasised the strong will of Volkswagen to be the technical leader for mass production, and to democratise as soon as possible these very interesting features improving safety and style to all Volkswagen cars. This will be soon the case for matrix IQ.Light that appeared last year on the Touareg, installed from the beginning of this year on the new Passat and soon on many other models, too.
And LED headlamps will be on all Volkswagen-brand cars in Europe, North America, and Asian markets outside India within the next three years.

Today our complete DVN Report goes live with great details about the very interesting realisations, strategy, and innovations to be found in the lighting systems of Volkswagen-brand passenger cars. Download your copy today!

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Jean-Paul Ravier


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