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Winning Takes More Than Just Knowing About Lights PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2019

Over the holidays I read an interesting book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0. In it, author Travis Bradberry succinctly explains how to creatively deal with emotions and how to employ our intelligence in a beneficial way. Emotional intelligence of this sort is an extremely important skill for professional success.

With today's business life speeding along faster than ever, people spend more time on computer keyboards, email, and conference calls than in face-to-face communication. This trend was well under way a decade ago when I was working in a lighting company, but what we had at that time was nothing compared to its acceleration these last years. I recommend this book as a valuable course in up-to-date communication strategy and tools including knowing one's audience, being expert in one's speech, being honest and authentic, and acknowledging one's own shortcomings while speaking with authority.

It's beyond doubt that the winners of today and tomorrow are those—of whatever generation—who not only develop new technologies and produce new innovations, but also know how to communicate effectively. The radical evolution of lighting and driver vision systems can serve as an intriguing, sturdy motivation for mobile lighting engineers, attracting engaged young talent to invent tomorrow's lighting.

Warning: Registrations for the DVN Rochester workshop to be held next week on January 15-16 have been closed as the maximum capacity of the conference hall has been reached.

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